Manual hydraulic stacker
Manual hydraulic stacker
Manual hydraulic stacker
Manual hydraulic stacker
  • Manual hydraulic stacker
  • Manual hydraulic stacker
  • Manual hydraulic stacker
  • Manual hydraulic stacker

Manual hydraulic stacker

Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements


Hongfu brand series
Manual hydraulic stacker
  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Manual hydraulic stacker

    Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

    Model Unit B1016 B1020 B1516 B1520 B2016 B2020
    Load capacity kgs 1000 1000 1500 1500 2000 2000
    Fork plate length mm 900 900 900 900 900 900
    Lowest Bit mm 80 80 80 80 80 80
    Highest mm 1600 2000 1600 2000 1600 2000
    Outer width of fork plate mm 745 745 745 745 745 745
    Total length mm 1576 1576 1576 1576 1595 1595
    Overall height/width mm 2080/785 2480/785 2080/785 2480/785 2080/785 2480/785
    Load wheel material specification mm Ø80X68 (Nylon) Ø80X68 (Nylon) Ø80X68 (Nylon) Ø80X68 (Nylon) Ø80X68 (Nylon) Ø80X68 (Nylon)
    Rotating wheel material specification mm Ø180X50 (Nylon) Ø180X50 (Nylon) Ø180X50 (Nylon) Ø180X50 (Nylon) Ø180X50 (Nylon) Ø180X50 (Nylon)


    Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements





    Use Operation

    When the (I) uses the electric stacker to fork the goods, put the key switch in the working position. When fork the goods, first tighten the high-pressure non-return switch clockwise, and then press the up button to rise. When descending, you only need to loosen the high-voltage non-return switch.
    When the (II) uses the manual lifting machine, first place the handle in the rising position, and press the handle down to rise. When descending, pull the handle upward, the fork can descend, and the middle gear is the neutral gear.
    When the (III) is walking, the fork should be brought to a lower point.
    After the (IV) work is completed, the goods on the fork shall be unloaded and the fork shall be taken to the lowest position.
    (V) when the battery power is insufficient (operation voltage <10.5V), please charge immediately, in the charging process, prohibit the use of stacker.






    Safety Guide

    (I) untrained personnel are prohibited to operate.
    Before using the (II), the stacker shall be checked to see if the power is sufficient (the voltage during operation is> 10.5V), and whether the pulley, chain, front/rear wheel and the shaft, pin and circlip of each fastener are abnormal.
    The (III) shall not raise or lower the goods while the stacker is in progress to avoid falling of the goods.
    The weight of the (IV) goods shall not exceed the approved maximum load weight of the machine, and the load must be implemented according to the load table of the stacker.
    (V) forks are strictly forbidden to carry people, and people are strictly forbidden to stand under forks.
    When the (VI) goods are lifted, it is strictly prohibited to touch the column door frame to prevent injury.
    (VII) forks should be placed in balance, and the goods should be evenly distributed on two forks. Single fork operation is strictly prohibited.
    The (VIII) load center should be within the fork center, and the walking and turning speed should not be too fast when fully loaded.
    When the (IX) goods are at high places, it is strictly forbidden to move the stacker, and it is necessary to pay attention to the protection facilities.
    (X) other special circumstances that cannot be protected, the operator should operate with caution.
    (11) If you leave, please turn the switch key to the "OFF" state and take the key with you.







    Charging instructions


    When the voltage drops below 10.5V during (I) operation, charge immediately. Charging time 8-12 hours.
    The (II) charging power supply voltage is AC 220V with grounding protection.
    Before charging or using the (III), check whether the battery liquid is sufficient. If it is not enough, make up with distilled water or battery liquid.
    (IV) charging environment must be well ventilated and away from fire.
    If the (V) is not used for a long time, it still needs to be charged once a week, not less than 2 hours each time.
    Please check the (VI) battery fluid every 15 days.
    Every time the (VII) is fully charged, it can rise/fall about 100 times at full load.





    Maintenance and maintenance


    Daily overhaul and maintenance work is carried out by trained operators. For repairs beyond the above scope, please contact the local agent or the company's maintenance personnel. Maintenance and overhaul focus please see the following details:
    The screw loosening caused by vehicle vibration should be prepared and replaced in time.
    Clean the entangled debris or dirt on the front, rear wheels and mandrel.
    Check whether the lifting chain is abnormal and replace it in time.
    Livestock battery positive and negative terminals to prevent loosening, short circuit, and keep clean.
    Check whether the animal battery is in the working voltage range.
    Keep the electric cabinet dry to prevent rain forest.
    All moving parts shall be fastened and grease injected once a month.
    32# high-efficiency anti-wear circulating hydraulic oil is recommended for hydraulic oil.


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